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What Every Don Larson & Associates Report Contains

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So, how are we able to do the all this? We come to your store - spend just one or two days - and immediately have a very definite idea of what needs to be done, where to start - the whole process – to assure you the very best end result. 

Don Larson & Associates, LLC has been doing this for over 35 years, in over 45 states and 9 countries. We ONLY do “Retail” – Simple as that!

1) The Introductory Visit

Meet with you the owners, one-on–one after surveying the store, noting such things as product mix, inventory, customer service, signage, layout, customer perceptions, etc.

2) The Report

Recognizes strengths as well as weaknesses, and expressing exciting opportunities to create a new customer friendly shopping environment.

3) Drawing a Consensus

Choose an agenda, after in-depth discussions with management, to maximize the retail shopping experience from layout, to product selection, to merchandising, to signage, to any aspect of the retail store.

4) Developing a Concept

Create strategy and time-line for the “most worthy” changes insuring the greatest successes for YOUR store.

5) Implementing the Changes

Immediately able to put Your plan into action. Easily, Step – By – Step. It’s “A walk in the park” for Don Larson & Associates

6) Visualize the Transformation

Enjoy the new customer growth and benefit from the added revenues.


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