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Bellevue Business Depot
Reference / Case Study
Mr. Robert Osborne, President
Bellevue Business Depot
Queens Highway, Freeport, Bahamas
(With additional retail locations in Abaco, Nassau, Turks & Caicos)
Phone (242) 352 - 8806 / Fax (242) 352 - 3424

Larson & Associates began a consulting relationship with Bellevue in 1995 when their annual revenues were less than $600,000. In 2000 Bellevue finished their fiscal year at the same location with revenues in excess of 5 million dollars, in approximately the same retail sales area and with a minimal increase in personnel.

In 1998 DL&A also assisted the owners in selling their 'now profitable' operation to a public Bahamian Company. The owners continue to maintain the management of Bellevue and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the company.

In July of 2000 Bellevue purchased an unprofitable retail and commercial office products company in Nassau, Bahamas. The company had been floundering for a number of years and sales had been declining steadily. Larson & Associates assisted Bellevue in a complete remodel of those retail locations accomplishing everything including demolition, construction, remodeling, fixturing, merchandising, etc. The location was not shut down for a single day during any of the tasks performed.

The 'new' retail had its Grand Opening in November of 2000. Sales prior to the remodel were averaging $65 - $70,000 per month for the main retail location . . . .after the grand opening and continuing through 2001 revenues have averaged over $300,000 per month with some months even exceeding $430,000 . . .an INCREASE of OVER 600 PERCENT! Again in SAME square footage, SAME location with an increase in staff just to handle the additional sales, purchasing and replenishment functions.

Please contact the President of Bellevue Business Depot, Robert Osborne for any references. Mr. Osborne would be more than happy to confirm the continued, on-going relationship with Don Larson. He will also be able to explain that although Bellevue is an 'off-shore' office products dealer - he is very close to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.And that the 'Depots', 'Staples' and 'Max's' ALL have direct Sales, advertising and marketing efforts in the Bahamas -

Reference / Case Study
Mr. Brice Hoopingarner, President
Keeton's (NPA)
817 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone (941) 747 - 2995 / Fax (941) 746 - 5597

Keeton's purchased a retail space located next to their existing location in Bradenton in late 2000. Since then DL&A have worked closely with Keeton's in planning the expansion concepts and ideas. Mr. Hoopingarner was faced with some major construction 'opportunities' including replacing a one-hundred-foot LOAD-BEARING wall, remodeling the ENTIRE Sales, Accounting, Telemarketing and Management offices and addressing all of the 'current' building codes and regulations in Manatee County.

The entire retail location has taken on a completely new look and traffic-flow throughout the store. In less than one year the 'new' retail location (9,900+ sf which was limited by keeping the store under 10,000 to save the 'sprinkler' expense!) is finally coming to fruitation. Under the guidance and suggestions of Larson and their architects Keeton's was able to develop a complete retail plan using ALL of their existing fixturing. During the 'developing' stages Keeton's also increased their Furniture sales area, increased the specific furniture categories of product carried (adding RTA office furniture). They also are increasing the Art Supplies, Office Supplies, Social (cards and gifts) and also a new 'Tourist Shopping' area.

The 'new' plan will also have a new Business Service area offering copies, fax services, ad specialties and rubber stamp services in the main portion of the store to generate additional traffic and revenues. Every retail gondola and shelf unit was assigned specific product categories and specific adjacencies of product to add increased sales and revenues to every transaction.

Feel free to call Brice anytime,  I am sure he will be able to confirm the 'common sense' approach used by  Larson & Associates. Mr. Hoopingarner will also verify our  'Low-key', 'no pressure' concept presentation and planning . . .  We will move at whatever pace is right for YOU and YOUR company.

Rubinstein's Office Plus
Reference / Case Study
Mr. Michael Rubinstein, President
Rubinstein's Office Plus (IS / Office Plus)
250 East Market Street, West Chester, PA 19382
Phone (610) 696 - 1150 / Fax (610) 696 - 8933

Don Larson & Associates has worked closely with this FIFTH GENERATION Office Supply retail store for over fifteen years. Rubinstein's has been serving customers in West Chester continually SINCE 1913! Rubinsteins had faced the same challenges, 'new' competition, threats, down-turn in business over the years, and crises' that most all dealers have had to face. Less than two miles from their largest retail store, they had to compete with both Staples AND Office Depot and to top it off . . . They had two OTHER Staples and an OfficeMax within about six miles!

Under the supervision and guidance of DL&A Rubinstein's have enjoyed continual retail growth in all of their retail stores for over the past four years. Rubinstein's have expanded their Business Service (copy) Center, added a 'pack and send' center and also added a substantial Social Expression (cards) and 'Educational / Teaching Aids categories. DL&A also recommended they expand their RTA, seating and 'budget' furniture into some empty warehouse space . . . they are now enjoying an extra $300,000. in revenues from that one area alone!

Most recently, after closing early on Friday afternoon August 24th, Rubinstein's moved one of their satellite retail stores to a BRAND NEW location, doubling the size of the old location and were opened for 'business as usual' on Monday the 27th! DL&A assisted with every aspect from site location, lease negotiations (able to reduce lease by over $150,000 over a three year period), store design, layout, fixturing, product and category selection. Larson and Associates also had management and employees meet in Florida to review every-single-sku AND exactly how-many-of-every-item, including minimums and maximums will be carried and merchandised in the 'new' store. We also recommended, produced and provided all signage throughout the new location, using existing signage wherever possible.

Call Michael Rubinstein directly . . . Check with him, as to the positive results, the continual growth and the Accomplishments his company has enjoyed due to the on going  Relationship with Don Larson over the past ten-plus years.

Testimonials  (Back to Top)

… “Our sales plummeted when - Staples, OfficeMax and Office Depot ALL opened brand new stores on the same street as our fifth generation office supply store . . . and two of them were less then a mile away!  That was five years ago – we immediately contacted Larson and his team.  We are now enjoying the best sales ever with double-digit increases for the past four years.  Thanks to ‘FixMyStore’ / Thanks Don

Michael Rubinstein, President
Rubinstein’s Office Supplies
West Chester, PA

“Don helped us right from ‘day-one’ with the initial sight selection – thru choosing designers, fixturing companies, vendors, products, brand new categories, signage, security system and point-of-sale . . .everything!  He really was able to provide us with a brand new ‘turn-key’ retail store!”

Keith Whited, Partner
Fredericksburg, TX

…”Merchandising is so important in retail, and we were doing it wrong since we opened in 1951” Many older retailers don’t have the time resources, retail ‘insight’ or knowledge to make the right changes. “We couldn’t have done it without Don Larson – Our revenues literally DOUBLED overnight after remodeling our store.”

Brice Hoopingarner, President
Bradenton, FL

    . . . During the Hurricanes in 2004, two of our locations were flooded with three feet of water for over a week  - Don brought in his crews and using their ideas and concepts we were open for business – running on generators within two days after the water receded. “He’s shown us no-nonsense solutions and shortcuts you would never think of yourself… Well worth the call!” –

Robert Osborne, President
Bellevue Business Depot
Freeport and Abaco, Bahamas

…“Now more than ever, if you want to not only just survive – but increase your business by two or three times – almost immediately, there is only ONE company and ONE person I would recommend immediately, www.FixMyStore.com and Don Larson – they have assisted us over the years with six stores, a business service center and two warehouses”

Amparo Noble, General Manager
Angelus Press Limited, Belize City
Belize, Central America

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