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What Every Don Larson & Associates Report Contains

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The process

After a thorough analysis of your business, Don Larson & Associates will generate a highly detailed, customized report that contains the following information:

A concise analysis of overstocked items

An objective look at personnel and staffing
Suggestions/Recommendations for store layout improvements to better handle traffic flow and accessibility
Recommendations for merchandising of old and new products
Assist with every aspect of P.O.P. interior signage, shelf and product labeling and complete  exterior signage recommendations
Suggestions on how to avoid "out of stock" items and achieve better inventory control
Recommend categorydiversification with new products and lines to attract new business
An objective look at safety and security issues / both inside and outside your business
A list of the most popular items your store should be carryingregardless of your retail industry
A complete list of other services and resources offered by Don Larson & Associates
Recommendations for advertising and marketing
General comments and observations as side notes
A recommended plan to significantly increase growth
A condensed summary of all suggestions and recommendations included in the report
Excerpts from DL&A  report:

Before you attempt to ‘fix’ all of the ‘points’ on this punch list . . . . Just make SURE you complete the first ‘tasks’ FIRST before going on to the next steps – we want to make sure we accomplish all we possibly can and the easiest way is to do this whole thing is one-step-at-a-time!

Our assigned task is to assist and help you get from ‘point A’ to ‘Point B’ as quickly as possible with minimal disruption, using the most economical concepts and ideas available – Hey . . .that’s a ‘Walk in the Park’ for us!  We do this all the time!

After giving some serious thought to your existing operation – I would not be surprised if you were able to see your ‘in-store’ retail sales double and possibly even TRIPLE from what they are today within three months after we complete the changes and even more after that. I just know from past experience where you currently are and where you ‘could be’ if you just focus a bit more on the store’s operation.  You have a phenomenal opportunity . . . all you have to do is – ‘follow our guidelines’!

  • The existing fixtures are perfect and do not need to be replaced.  We may need to add just a few additional items but, very little.  We may also address the checkout counters and possibly make some changes there once we begin ‘planning’ the store.
  • Many items on the shelves have no price what so ever.  That is a very big deterrent from a customer standpoint.  When we all ‘walked’ the store –we could see how many items were either missing, in the wrong place or, had two or three items in one spot.
  • When we remodel / re-merchandise the store you should get new peg hooks and get all of the ‘peg products’ on the same size hook.  Currently it is VERY sloppy, and some very ‘droopy’ looking due to the old style steel ‘peg board’!  No problem with different size hooks for different ‘categories’ i.e.; pen refills may take 3” hooks and Labels a 6” hook  – just keep them all the same . . .section-by-section.
  • THINK like a CUSTOMER . . . ask your staff to be VERY ‘Candid’ with you – Let them know you WANT to know how they feel about both the ‘Good Stuff’ but, most importantly . . . the ‘NOT-SO-GOOD’ stuff.  They are the first ones to let you know there are ‘pricing’ issues –
  • A ‘DEAL’ isn’t a ‘deal’ if you purchase five years worth of inventory (re, Charles Leonard / Screw Posts?)
  • When we get the NEW store set-up and merchandised . . . don’t MOVE or CHANGE ANYTHING . . . . . Sell one ‘Widget’ . . . . ORDER ONE WIDGET!  Please give the store a chance before you make any changes.  Don’t ASSUME anything . . . .give it six months – We KNOW what we are doing . . .
While I was there – one of the customers said . . .  “I come here just because, you are the only people in town”! – NOT a good reason . . . Let’s make it because  . . . YOU have EVERYTHING I need . . . . It’s FUN to shop here . . . .I like dealing with FRIENDLY, LOCAL people . . . .  Your prices are very REASONABLE . . . . etc.
When a contractor is necessary, Don Larson & Associates works hands on with the local company of your choice to achieve the desired results. DL&A is not able to act as your general contractor.

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